About me

Red leaf


My name is Pär Kamfjord and I am currently a game design intern at Expansive Worlds, an Avalanche Studios subsidiary, in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have always had an interest in digital games and started dreaming about becoming a developer myself while I was still quite young. Six years ago I started working towards fulfilling that dream. Now, that I am creating games, I keep trying to create experiences as good as the awesome ones that I have gotten from my favorite titles.

Throughout both my time at school and during my internship I have always had projects running on the side so that I constantly improve my skills. I learn new tools quickly and I work fast which has benefited me greatly during all my projects. To amaze people is one of the best feelings I know, most often I achieve that by doing more and better things than what is expected from me.

All the projects I have done, be it an obligatory project or not, has taught me a lot of things. Apart from the tools and engines that I have gained experience from, I have also learned to cope with stress, conflicts and pressure as well as getting a deeper understanding of the different parts of both the team and development process.

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