theHunter Primal



Platform: PC
Time: 8 months, 10th November-Current
My role: Game Designer

Examples of my work (click to expand)

-Designed new mechanics and features

Store And Currency

One of my tasks for this project was to design a store and find a way for players to earn currency, this was part of what we wanted in the game to give player rewards that were kept in between lives.

Mountain View

Since the development time was quite short the workload had to be kept down for new features. To follow through on that I only used existing mechanics that the player already performed to earn the currency and the store only became available before the player spawned anew after dying.

The store contained all the items we had available at the time and each item became was unlocked for the players as they leveled up leveled up(look at level system design for reference). Items was sorted into different categories though everything that were linked to another item also had packs which contained all useful items for it, such as all clothing linked to a specific set or weapon, ammo and scope for every gun.

Currency was gained from hunting dinosaurs and was based on their score and weight. In the beginning a player usually only hunts smaller species as the weapons that were available to them were more suited for it. In correlation with that the items unlocked at that stage

--Designed leveling systems


In conjunction with the store I also designed the level-system for this project.

Mountain View

Experience was purely gained from killing dinosaurs and it was based on the weight and specie of the kill. The reward of leveling was access to new items in the store, meaning that the player could start up fresh with a better inventory than low level players.

To further reward skilled and cautious players I also created the “Survival Bonus”. This bonus was a multiplier which the experience gained got added to, the multiplier increased for each kill the player had done without dying. This resulted in an increased value for the players that managed to stay alive, being reckless and aggressive could cause them to lose something they had spent a lot of effort to build up.

-Testing, tweaking and polishing of new features, mechanics and species

Quetzalcoatlus Combat

One of the dinosaurs, the Quetzalcoatlus(a flying dinosaur, not designed by me), had an issue with how the combat functioned.
From the beginning the player would always be picked up unless they avoided their attack, once they were picked up they had a very slim chance of surviving when dropped. If the attack of the Quetzalcoatlus missed slightly the players would just get wounded instead of picked up. This could become annoying and hard if multiple dinosaurs would fight the player at once or if one would make an attack on a player that was not paying enough attention for just a few seconds.

Mountain View

To solve it I suggested that instead of only having the avoid mechanic we should add a life threshold to when the pick up attack could trigger. In case the life was higher than this threshold, the attack would always be damaging, as in the example above when a player avoided the pick up attack. This caused experienced players to be able to counter this enemy by keeping up their health in the areas where they existed. Even if multiple of the Quetzalcoatlus would attack the player, there would have been a while during which the player can take down one of the attackers to make the situation manageable before their life would go down below the pick up threshold.
This solution was not only a way to make the Quetzalcoatlus into a more balanced experience, it was also suitable for the studio due to the amount of worked it needed. All of the mechanics existed and the tweaking needed by other members of the team was kept at a minimum.
I also

-Designed steam achievements
-Managed placement of player spawns and loot spawns
-Participated in the official launch live-stream as a representative of Expansive Worlds(can be viewed here and here)

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