Platform: PC
Time: 8 months, 10th November-Current
My role: Game Designer

Examples of my work (click to expand)

-Designed special events

Summer Fiesta 2015

During the summer of 2015 I got assigned to create our yearly summer event called Summer Fiesta. My only directory was that there should some sort of tournament tied into it, apart from that I was free to design the event as I saw fit.

I created a tournament that contained all species in the game(22), each specie had its own competition and they were separated into 4 tiers. Each competition in the first tier had so many active players that they all broke the old record of player participation in a single competition.

One thing that I kept in mind when deciding which species that was available on each tier was which level they were available on. I tried to keep is as spread out as possible to so that the hunts would stay as varied as possible, except on the last tier where I instead picked an animal that was only available on one to limit the finalist.

Mountain View

Another thing that I took into consideration was what type of hunts the player used for that specie. Waterfowl is for example hunted in a very different way if compared to Bears. Due to that I tried to limit the same type of hunts to the different tiers as well by separating the specie family(Birds, Bears, Deers and so on) over the tiers.

Mountain View

Finally I tried to spread out the free animal over as many tiers as possible to also make free players able to compete for as long as possible.

To not only satisfy the competitive players I also created mission packs for those who wanted to challenge themselves. These missions were separated into easy and hard missions to enable anyone to play them.

As a last incentive for players to join both the competitions and the missions I tied them together by adding rewards to the hard missions that made the player eligible to compete in the second tier of the tournament. That way the competitive players got an extra reason for playing the missions and the non competitive players got a reason to join the tournament.

I also

-Designed new features
-Designed new species
-Designed mission packs
-Designed both regular and special competitions
-Designed leveling systems
-Tweaked new weapons
-Testing, tweaking and polishing of new features, missions, competitions and new reserves
-Participated in a pre-release live-stream for a new feature(dog companion) as a representative of Expansive Worlds(can be viewed here)
-Participated in a pre-release live-stream for a new reserve as a representative of Expansive Worlds(can be viewed here and here)

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