Spectrophobia (2015, Unity)

Platform: PC
Time: 4 Months
Designers/scripters: 1
Graphic artists: 0


Spectrophobia was shown at the expo of GDC 2015 in Tobii Technologies booth. It was made as a demo to show how eye trackers can be used as a third input device to both open up possibilities for new mechanics and to increase the immersion of the player. It was a solo project that was done during my spare time while having a full time game designer internship.
The game consists of 3 small levels where things react to the gaze of the player, either visually, by audio and/or as part of the gameplay. There are also enemies and hazards that will react to the players gaze, forcing them to either look or look away from said objects.

What I did:

Game design, level design, scripting and rhimes.
Graphics are mostly from Unity asset store.

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