Welcome to my portfolio


My name is Pär Kamfjord, I’m currently employed as a Senior Level Designer at King where I have been working with titles of the Candy Crush franchise, in Stockholm, Sweden.


Before my job at King I was an intern game designer at Expansive Worlds, a Avalanche Studios subsidiary, where I worked on 3 titles. TheHunter, theHunter: Primal and theHunter: Legends. All of which were quite with different genres and focus. Jumping between these games proved to be quite a challenge as they require very different mindsets but, none the less, the work I did on each of them was very appreciated.

As I started at Expansive World’s I also began working on a side project that was called Spectrophobia. Spectrophobia was done in collaboration with Tobii Technology, a developer eye tracking hardware. The goal with the project was to create something that could demonstrate how eye trackers could be used in games. It became quite successful and was shown during the GDC Expo 2015. I always have side projects such as running so that I can improve my skills and let my mind roam free with new and creative ideas.

Before I began as a game designer at Expansive Worlds I had the opportunity to intern as a QA specialist at Starbreeze. It was a short and intense experience the testing was focused on an upcoming DLC. My assignment was mainly to search for bugs and explain the cycle to reproduce it but also to give feedback on level and game design.

For more information about me, check out my about me page.

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